Thursday, 30 June 2011

fat ass.

I bought a packet of studs on ebay the other day for like £1.50, so when they arrived I did the most natural thing one should do with a packet of studs....put them on levi's.

Yes, this is my boooootay, and yes the studs are really randomly placed. I was gonna do a two line thingy at the top of the pocket but just carried on until i ran out. hmmm. i'm gonna take some off, and do something different but just wanted to show you asap. have you studded your levi's? XOXO AVS


Half Dressed said...

Oo these looks fab! I haven't studded any, but I do have a pair that are in desperate need of some!

L x

sophie said...

i studded my denim jacket! it's so fun!

love the blog!

T.Rose said...

i really need to get some levi shorts!