Friday, 24 June 2011

atrocious quality photos, pretty jewels

One thing I went completely crazy for in America was F21, I literally loved everything about it, the way they merchandise, the layout of their stores, the variation of products between stores, but most of all how cheap it was! Not one of these necklaces below cost more than $7. How insane is that? One of them cost $4.80. I mean hellloooooooo how could you not spend $100s?? 

My favourite by far has to be the blue cross, followed by the purple stone (it is all glittery and sparkly- which the crapola photo obviously doesn't show!)

What are you upto this weekend? I'm off to southampton tonight to see my girlies for a good night out (long overdue!) then on saturday off to London's O2 arena to see Glee! (Again!) I bought my little sister tickets for her birthday (not until next month but hey!) I loved the show so much in LA and my little sister is such a huge fan I needed to get them for her!

Apologies again for the awfulness of the photos, they were taken by photobooth (not the highest quality camera out there!) If any one can recommend me a good, sturdy camera that can tolerate being used regularly by a constantly drunk 20-year old, then please let me know the make and model, i'm willing to pay anything, I'm sure it will save me (and my long suffering parents [camera's are a xmas pressie regular]) a lot in the long run!

Muchos gracias for reading, I hope you all have a great weekend, XOXO AVS

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