Friday, 25 March 2011

F is for:

...friday + friends. 


now onto the bizniz! friday, well that's pretty self explanatory! it's that day of the week that everyone loves,  you wake up actually happy to go to work/uni etc, you finish work/uni half an hour earlier, you go out and get drunk and don't have to worry about the reprocussions until monday morning! 

i'm home from uni for the weekend for my papa's birthday, but unfortunately work doesn't get cancelled for your birthday and he's working until 6 tonight. so until then i get to see my favourite girly! i haven't seen my bestie properly in about two months, we've had 10 minute chats on her doorstep, and hour long phone calls, but we've not done our traditional larmy+sindy things for quite sometime... (we eat carrots and homous, drink guava rubicon and read vogue) so this is how today will be spent. 

this year it's 10 years ago that my beautiful best friend Georgia died, but it also means 10 years that Sindy has been in my life! 4 months after Georgia passed away I moved house and school and met Sin, I always joke that she's my guardian angel- she got me through! 

so in honour of our 10 years, here are some snaps of us... 

outside the hardrock cafe- egypt '06, in A&F, at a birthday party '08. 

NYE '09, a brighton night out summer '10, my 20th birthday three months ago. 
(there would be even more terrifying ones had my 'bebo' account not been deleted. -yes i did just say bebo)

also a little fact for you- we have the same surname and she named her little sister is named after me! so there's a much cuter, 12 years younger, Alana Stuart walking around :) 

sorry this post has had not an ounce of fashion related content or whatever it is you enjoy reading on this blogson, but i'm feeling a tad unmotivated lately, and i'm beginning to realise that yes, material possessions are LUSH, but friends and family are nicer. 

i hope you have a lovely friday, and a great weekend. have fun + be safe! XOXO AVS

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Meg said...

Aww, this was a really sweet read. You and your friend seem so close, it's lovely! xx