Friday, 11 March 2011

blue skies, sunny eyes

Ok so it's been getting really sunny in Southampton lately, I'm talking like, sunglasses and light jackets weather. Brilliant... summer is on it's way! I love summer for the warmth and happiness of everyone around, I love it for the beautiful floaty clothes, and I love sitting in the park catching some rays. Ahhhhh  so excited! 

I wore this outfit last week when my little sister was down so she took this pic for me- c'est terrible quality but ya'know she's 13 haha. I felt quite good in the outfit love the wedge heels and skinnies, makes my leggies feel long! with the trench and the fur collar, all in all quite a nice outfit i'd say...? blowing my own trumpet i know but hey! its my blog haha!!!

Today is my bestie (and housemate) Katie's birthday, we went out last night, had a few malibu and pineapples YUM! Thankfully I had no hangover but Katie has been suffering! I'm off out to work tonight boohoo, oh the joys of being a student! adios chicas, XOXO AVS

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Cintia said...

I'm also so exited for the summer! You look beautiful as always! I love your hair! (: Xo