Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Everyone loves to share their opinion. Yours is needed!

Bonjour ladies. I'm in desperate need of your opinion so I'm going to get straight down to business...  
In just over 2 weeks time, I'll be jetting off to Marrakech for a much needed holiday.  Cue the panic of what to wear around the pool, what make up will be good for the evenings and the most important one- holiday hair.  


Beach/pool wear. I'm off to Morocco so I'm going to be trying to give off the whole effortless chic look (yeah right, the amount of planning going into it scratches out the 'i-just-threw-this-look-together'). I have tonnes of bikinis that I absolutely love and admittedly I've had a few of them for a couple of years. With my body shape (very pear- a juicy booty and flat chest), I know what styles suit me so I stick to it. My main problem is what to throw over my bikini during the day or for trips to the Souks (that's a Moroccan market, right?)  

I came across this light dress on Nasty Gal's website, and absolutely fell in love with everything about it, I love it, I love the styling and I have a huge girl crush on the model haha. My only problem is it took me a few days to um and ahh over whether it would make it in time all the way from America and by the time I decided on getting it, it was out of stock. BOO.  

Do you know where I could get something similar?? Speak now girls! 


My barnet. As you may well know I was rocking the dip dye look from December to about May this year. After a while I got a bit bored so I just dyed over it and went all brown again. Its a veryyy slight dipdye now, but the ends are well and truly dead because I didn't take care of them (oopsie)... 
I have an appointment booked in tomorrow for the chop, and was thinking of going a bit shorter... A hair idol of mine is good ole' Fearne Cots. I particularly love the slightly wavy pic of her and the end one also. The final pic at the bottom is of a girl from tumblr methinks, I love it, it looks so effortless but still kinda chic, when I straighten my hair atm it looks so ratty... 

Obviously my hair won't look exactly like this as I'm a brunette, but what are your thoughts? 


Jewellery.  I'm a jewellery addict. I literally sit on ebay for hours a day looking for quirky cute necklaces and little bangles, oh how Hong Kong Customs must hate me! I've been looking for a few select pieces lately that I have in mind, the main one being an armlet/upper arm cuff/bangle whatever people may call it...The girl in the top picture (next to problem 1) is wearing one. Do you know where I can get one? 

ALSO, what are your favourite blog shops, I have a few that I like to visit, but I know that there are tonnes more out there. Do you have a blog shop? Is there a shop that you absolutely love and would buy every item from if you could? Please, please, please write the links to them in the comment box below, I would love to browse them and if theres enough I'll make sure I do a blog shop feature and list them all. 

Thanks for your help in advance. I'll share a pic of the new hair with you all asap :) 



Erin / Sawyer and Scout said...

I think Fearne's hair is really lovely, you should go for it!

My shop is http://sawyerandscout.bigcartel.com :) x

Claire said...

On the subject of problem #2, I am prox100 to that cut. I've been thinking about lopping my hair off too - http://intothegloss.com/2012/04/summer-cut/ <-- that's just my ultimate inspiration right now. It looks so chic. And viola, a (sort of?) brunette version of fearne's for you!


kirstyb said...

i went shorter to get rid of all the bleach in my hair - do it x

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Ray said...

I'll text you sweet cheeks xxxx