Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Bonjourno lovelies! I've seen two people do this ribbon neck-tie thingy, Kirsty and Beth, so I thought I would take inspiration from them and try it myself... I popped down to the fabric land in town and got a metre of this black ribbon for like 40p or something ridiculous like that. Whilst I was in there I was inspired to maybe bring my sewing machine down to Uni and start getting a little more creative again with my clothes (I used to alter loads of dresses and once made myself an Audrey Hepburn LBD for my bestfriends birthday party!)

Shirt- Topshop, Ribbon- Fabric Land 

Today I couldn't be assed to wash my hair so I whacked it up in a bun, perfect as it left the neck area free to be admired haha. A splash of red lippy made this outfit complete (I only found this out when I got home, looked all bland all day now grr.) I wore the denim shirt with skinny jeans, wedge shoesies and a leather jacket! Tonight I am promo'ing so I will be donning my new fur coat (a post to come on that!) to keep warm! 

Ok so I know I always mention it and I do apologise, but I had my telephone meeting with my future work experience boss, Catherine, last night. And basically- I am so freaking excited!!!!!! I am going in June/July, for a minimum of three weeks! My first thought was (no surprise) 'what am I going to wear?!' 
Shopping is obviously going to be second on my list of priorities (after trying to secure myself a job for after my graduation haha), but I want to go out there with a pretty sophisticated suitcase full of clothes, ready for work + play time! (Catherine said she is at events at least 5 nights out of 7!)

I'll be writing quite alot about trends and garments that will be perfect for my adventure to the West Coast of America, if you know of any blogs that focus of LA style (or similar) then please, please, pleeeease LINK ME to them!!!! 

I'm just about to go and make my housemate and myself some yummy Chilli Con Carne for din dins! (Wish me luck I'm the worst cook haha). I hope you have a lovely Tuesday night! XOXO AVS


Rosie [a rosie outlook] said...

Ooh I love this look. Wish I'd read this earlier as I stopped off at fabricland on the way home from work and I might fancy copying you! I have only just found your blog but looking forward to reading more about your work experience adventure!

Ash said...

I've just discovered your blog (newbie follower here, absolutely love your style!
the bow totally works with this shirt, love it!

avs: said...

wooowee!!! thanks for your positive comments girlies! xoxo

Cintia said...

I've just found your blog and I'm totally in love with it! Your style is amazing! You look beautfiful in these photos, that little necktie looks so good and I love your red lips! Xx

Stacey Uma said...

omgsh, just found your blog and I totally love the way your channeling the Blair Waldorf/Olivia Palermo look + also how you are up for a bargain because reading blogs with girls dressing in the most extragantly priced things is inspiring but also nerve-wracking, you know? Might start getting a little creative too with my clothing choices but great blog!