Thursday, 19 April 2012

hair twins

Me and my darling girls, Alice & Sinitta, went to London for Alice's birthday preparations 2 weeks ago. We got our nails done, hair done (and I got my eyelashes done!) It was a laaaaavly day! At the train station we had a bit of a long wait, this was probably due to the fact we got on a train going in the wrong direction oopsaaay, so we took some crazy snaps and vids. A quick snap of myself and fellow dip dye girly, Alice is below :) 
I don't know if you've heard of Brandy Melville, but it's this amazing store originating in Rome I believe, but they have some gorgeous stores in California. Their stores are decorated like a cute beach hut and they sell gorgeous clothes, jewellery and home accessories (such as little signs and hanging things). I got this pullover/jumpery type thingy in the picture from the store in Rome, but have some other bits from previous trips to America! If you are going to the US, be sure to check it out!XOXO AVS

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

XvbX Victoria Beckham- Fan gurrl

Victoria Beckham was my favourite Spice Girl (sometimes it was between her and Baby Spice)... She's put the Spice days behind her, and now she's a super star fashion designer, selling beautiful classic dresses and dressing some of the worlds biggest stars, such as Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Emily Blunt, Beyonce Knowles and Jessica Biel. (So jealous of these girls!) 
Lately, Victoria has turned her hand to designing of a different kind- Cars. She has helped Range Rover design their stylish new car the 'Evoque', and subsequently won Top Gear's 'Woman of the Year'. Superstar or what! 

 I used to follow Victoria's every move on one of those fan sites, "Victoria was spotted at LAX", "Victoria at the grocery store" (you get my jist lol!) I've kinda cooled down now, just seeing what she's up to from the haterz on the daily fail showbiz section. Those women are so judgemental! 

VB come's under fire a lot of the time due to her weight, but having read her autobiography in the past, her weight is something she's always struggled with like any other girl. Leave her alone people! And it makes me so angry when trolls like Katie Price aka Jordan comment on VB, Victoria has class, style, a beautiful family with an amazing husband, and a real career based on being one of the worlds biggest/successful girl bands, unlike Price who is only famous for getting her tits out, having a few famous shags/boyfriends and a absolutely tragic Eurovision song contest entry. Please. 

Friday, 13 April 2012

If you saw my 'gurrl crush' post, then you'll know that I am truly, madly, deeply in girl crush lurrrrve with the amazing Lana Del Rey. I was very very very VERY lucky to be given the opportunity to go and see her perform at a very intimate gig on Wednesday night @ The Jazz Cafe in London. 

Straight up, this night was amazing and one of the best I've had in a long time! She sang a few of her new songs from her amazing debut album. Despite what was said about her SNL performance, I can safely say she has an amazing voice and a weird but amazing stage presence. Everyone in the room was mesmerised. 

Here's a quick clip of her amazing song that catapulted her into the spotlight. 
"Video Games" 


I hope you enjoyed my friends. I certainly did. Have an amazing weekend girls! XOXO AVS

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Some of the sleekest looks and around at the moment, 
as well as some beautiful bits & bobs. 
All images are borrowed from dirtylittlestylewhore 
(although i do know image #5 is the wonderful Morven)


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

gurrrrl crush ♥

I have a new lady love in the form of Lana Del Rey. The stunning, sultry starlet is the hottest thing since sliced bread (i.m.o). I'm in love with her singing voice, her talking voice, her style, her lyrics, her bod, her everything! SHE'S AMAZING. If you don't love her, WHY OH WHY?

I hope all you BritBloggers enjoyed last weeks sunshine, I alway find it so much harder to chose outfits on English sunny days...There are totally different rules to being abroad! My go-to outfit tended to be Maxi skirt - Plain tee - Denim Jacket .... yawn. boring. yawn. What do you love to wear in the sunshine? Bare legs in England? Do you fake tan before? Argh. So many questions. 


Monday, 2 April 2012


So I don't talk about my job very often, heck, I don't talk on here very often....However, if you know me, you'll know I have a lovely job, at a PR company which is based in London & LA. We've been working on an absolutely amazing social campaign since I started working there, which is odd considering we're an Entertainment Publicity company!

The client is called Bite the Bite, they are a grassroots organisation who's main aim is to increase the percentage of first time voters/18-24year olds! (Think the UK version of the highly successful and celebrity endorsed Rock the Vote in America!) They don't like to use the word 'Politics', they just want to tell you about how important your vote is to you and every one around you! Bite the Ballot is running a campaign called #YouthVoteLondon, which is focussing on the Mayoral Elections in May.
Supporters of this campaign include Estelle, Tinie Tempah, Alesha Dixon, Lethal Bizzle, Noel Clarke, Preeya Kalidis and MANY more! 

They are holding an amazing event at the Ministry of Sound on Saturday 14th April (between 12pm-5pm) for young Londoners aged 16 and over. The event is a registration rally, with its primary objective being entertainment whilst getting young people to sign on to the electoral register (did you know that you are not automatically signed on to it when you move house i.e. university houses etc?)... EVERY young Londoner is invited to attend this event. If you want to know more then watch the video below, or if you want to go ahead straight away and get your FREE tickets, then click on this link!

Please watch the video below to find out more, enjoy, and share with your friends!

Just a quick note to say thank you in advance if you did watch the video! Oh, and don't forget to vote kids!