Friday, 10 August 2012

Get ready to Spice Up Your Life!

Girls, I'm sure you must have heard already, but it's really happening! 
The Spice Girls ARE reuniting for the Olympic Closing ceremony!!!!!!!

You may have seen my tweet weeks ago, it mentioned something about this reunion being career suicide for Queen V(B). Victoria has ALWAYS been my favourite, and I really understand why she may not have wanted this reunion to go ahead... 
After their reunion tour in 2007/8 that I went to and loved every second of, where Victoria didn't do a solo, she instead strutted up and down the catwalk (weird- but hey), I am a little scared for her and her singing skilllzzzzzz... anyone else? Maybe/hopefully she's been seeing a vocal coach haha.  However all this aside I'm too excited to see their performance! 

Just some images below as to why I love Mrs Beckham... (Even managed to squeeze a pic of David in here, how cunning of me- muahaha)

I am in love with this woman's style. 

(All of these images have been taken from Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

If I could have anyone's wardrobe in the world it would be VB's (oh and her skinny frame to wear the clothes on please) So next time I post, I would have probably watched the Ceremony and be completely in love with the Spice Girls all over again... Don't forget to watch. It's on Sunday night BBC1. Starts at 9pm. Oh and if you're one of those REALLY lucky people who has a ticket- enjoy :) 

xoxo, AVS 


BBella said...

Heey I really like your blog :) how about following each other?

xx BBella

Alina Anghel said...

amazing style inspiration! xx