Monday, 5 March 2012

my big sister.

It's been a while girls! How are you? Not much has been happening lately, time is going so quickly! In 4 months I will be moving back home from Southampton (boohoo?) Currently redecorating my room at home, ready for the big move- it's looking lush (will post pic). 

This weekend I went out for dinner and then to a leaving 'do with my beautiful Sister (Mum). In case you were wondering we went to Prezzo and it was uh-mayyyy-zing. She looked absolutely beautiful, rocking the black Topshop skinnies, feather top and grey blazer. Go Mum!

Currently working, so got to get back. Have a fantastic week ladies. XOXO AVS

1 comment:

Sadie said...

You both look gorgeous, and your mum could really pass for your sister! Think you should share some of her beauty secrets :) xx