Monday, 28 March 2011

dreamin' of denim

Alriiiiight, so you may have seen on my saturday summary that I was loving the american flag shorts- I found this picture of Ke$ha rocking them too! I love love love them! I think ke$ha has such a bad gal attitude, I'm not a fan of the blue lips but I love everything else in the outfit. SO, here for you today I have a selection of my favourite denims from Topshop, it's true love. 
1. Moto USA Flag Stud Skinny Jeans - £62 
2. Moto Camel High Waisted Denim Hotpants - £26
3. Moto Kristen Black High Waisted Jeans - £40
4. Moto Bleached Denim Floral Playsuit - £35 
5. Moto Denim Cropped Jacket - £32 

I'm all about summer right now, today is apparently the last day of this gorgeous weather so I'm trying to get myself as excited as possible now... What are you girls going to be wearing this summer? 

In the library til late tonight (unless I'm persuaded to leave for cocktails by my housemates!) Lots and lots of uni work to be getting on with, going home for Easter on saturday, woohoo!! XOXO AVS

Saturday, 26 March 2011

 Essex is back!!! I'm shamelessy addicted to the trashy programme! The orange-ness of the girls is insane! I think Amy is beyond ridiculous, very attractive, but so dumb! (don't get me started on my dislike for Mark Wright) it's just hideously addictive and cringey! 
 Fishtail plaited Katie's hair the other day, I think it looks laaavly, wish I had long hair :( 
 Jamie Chung attended the LA Premier of Sucker Punch this week. She wore a beautiful, yellow dress from the Giambattista Valli Spring 2011 collection. Stunning is one word to describe her look! Perfection would be another.... 
 The drinks menu at Revolution; this summer they are going for a Royal theme. Me and my friend Dee went to the Southampton Bar the other day to collect our free cocktail, 'The Kings Peach' (If you have a iPhone- download the app 'Vouchercloud' asap, and you can claim yours too!) Other cocktails include 'The Royal Wedding'. 
♥ These shorts are absolutely gorgeous and I want, want, want them! I have no clue where one would even buy them from, so if you have any tips, write below in the comment box girlies! 
♥ I downloaded the sonic app weeks ago and only just got to the second level the other day. I was so proud. 
♥ Yesterday I went to Sindy's, and we took Simba for a walk Simba took me for a walk........ 
 Centre text: This week has taught me this message, I saw one of my best friends so upset, so I wanted to remind you girls that (in the words of Pussycat Dolls) we "don't need a man to make it [happiness] happen."

What are you upto today? I'm doing lots of uni work, have a week of tutorials for essays and reports due in next month as well as a presentation on "The Effectiveness and Benefits of a consist Corporate Identity" the only thing keeping me going is the fact that my case study is Christian Dior, so I keep getting distracted and looking at beautiful clothes haha.

Also- Hello to all my lovely new followers who saw my post on Ray's  blog :) I wrote about the summer trends to follow this year!  (Click to check it out) 

Have a freakin' brilliant weekend lovelies! XOXO AVS

Friday, 25 March 2011

F is for:

...friday + friends. 


now onto the bizniz! friday, well that's pretty self explanatory! it's that day of the week that everyone loves,  you wake up actually happy to go to work/uni etc, you finish work/uni half an hour earlier, you go out and get drunk and don't have to worry about the reprocussions until monday morning! 

i'm home from uni for the weekend for my papa's birthday, but unfortunately work doesn't get cancelled for your birthday and he's working until 6 tonight. so until then i get to see my favourite girly! i haven't seen my bestie properly in about two months, we've had 10 minute chats on her doorstep, and hour long phone calls, but we've not done our traditional larmy+sindy things for quite sometime... (we eat carrots and homous, drink guava rubicon and read vogue) so this is how today will be spent. 

this year it's 10 years ago that my beautiful best friend Georgia died, but it also means 10 years that Sindy has been in my life! 4 months after Georgia passed away I moved house and school and met Sin, I always joke that she's my guardian angel- she got me through! 

so in honour of our 10 years, here are some snaps of us... 

outside the hardrock cafe- egypt '06, in A&F, at a birthday party '08. 

NYE '09, a brighton night out summer '10, my 20th birthday three months ago. 
(there would be even more terrifying ones had my 'bebo' account not been deleted. -yes i did just say bebo)

also a little fact for you- we have the same surname and she named her little sister is named after me! so there's a much cuter, 12 years younger, Alana Stuart walking around :) 

sorry this post has had not an ounce of fashion related content or whatever it is you enjoy reading on this blogson, but i'm feeling a tad unmotivated lately, and i'm beginning to realise that yes, material possessions are LUSH, but friends and family are nicer. 

i hope you have a lovely friday, and a great weekend. have fun + be safe! XOXO AVS

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

story of my life.

Every girl has gone through it right? 'It' being, backstabbing, people lying, people not being who you think they are etc... yes I know this isn't really what my blog is about but it is a place for me to vent my feelings and right now I'm so uninspired due to the weather not being able to make its mind up and my lack of funds for a new wardrobe. So I've resorted to stupid images expressing my feelings to you poor readers. Ah. I feel alot better now. Thanks girls. Speak soon. XOXO AVS 

Monday, 21 March 2011

yellowwwww girlies! eurgh, its monday again. another week of university lectures and 5 whole days until the weekend! boo. on a brighter note its really sunny out today, which makes life seem a bit better haha. 

On thursday I kinda created this top (I was gonna wear it out for st pads, but decided not to in the end.) Inspired by the countless versions I've seen on tumblr and considering I'm on a no spending thing at the mo, I thought I'd create myself something new to wear out. It only took me like 20 mins, and I had to do it by hand as my sewing machine is at home. It looks quite wonky but I'll straighten it up when I go home next week.  If you likey, then its so easy to make, I used material that I found in my friends room from when they dressed up as cavemen ha! 

In other news, I had my fringe cut- and I hate it, I don't know what she did differently but me no likey. I'm going home for my dads 40th birthday on friday, for a big family shindig, which should be lovely, although this means missing more work (I was off sick with sinus issues all weekend- promo'ing in the cold isn't good) and trying to find something to wear on my non-exsistent budget.

Do any of you girls know when the clocks go back? I love that day, that extra hour of sunlight makes the world of difference to my mood I think.

I'm off to tidy my pit of a room. Have a lovely day in the sun. XOXO AVS.

p.s Ray is on holiday, so she's enlisted the help of a few bloggers to write some guest posts, check them out. There's one from me later in the week!  

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

its a bling ting.

....hello you! 

The week is in full swing and what better way to start it than an afternoon shopping! Yesterday after my morning lectures I hit up Primark and H&M with the intention of spending some of my hard earned dolla dolla- if you didn't know, I promo in the evenings for a club called Buddha. This involves standing on the street whatever the weather, and let me tell you it hasn't been that pleasant lately! I did buy some other gorgeous items (blouse + jeans I've been looking for, for yonks!) but they have already been housed in my wardrobe and will surely be making an appearance in my outfits some time soon! 

 ^ l-r: fat off rock- H&M £3.99; Kitty kat ring- accessorize; Kate Middleton/Princess Diana inspired ring- Primark £2
^ Primark £2
^ Primark £2
^ Primark £1
^ Primark £3 or 4 

In other news: 
★ My leopard print MOTEL ROCKS coat has been relisted on ebay
★ I have a Benefit makeup makeover appointment on thursday, I was enquiring about some new foundation the other day and ended up with this; if you have any other foundation faves lemme know PLEASE. 
★ I bought an ugly dress off of ebay the other day- the picture was terribly misleading. 
★ Uni assignments total = 15, which = no life for me. 
★ It's my papa's 40th birthday at the end of this month, I'm desperately trying to think of something special to do for it, if you have any hints/tips they'd be appreciated! (As you can probs guess by now, I'm terrible at picking presents!) (Although I did end up getting my homie a gorgeous trinket box for her birthday which she loved!) 

Happy tuesday, (for some of you tuesday's may not be a big deal in your social calendar but as a student this meansssssss 2-41 tuesdays @ Dominos woopaaaa (Chandler Bing style)) Have a great day/night. XOXO AVS

P.S absolutely loving 'the Great British Hairdresser'! its on 4od for you guys that have missed the first 3 episodes! 

Friday, 11 March 2011

blue skies, sunny eyes

Ok so it's been getting really sunny in Southampton lately, I'm talking like, sunglasses and light jackets weather. Brilliant... summer is on it's way! I love summer for the warmth and happiness of everyone around, I love it for the beautiful floaty clothes, and I love sitting in the park catching some rays. Ahhhhh  so excited! 

I wore this outfit last week when my little sister was down so she took this pic for me- c'est terrible quality but ya'know she's 13 haha. I felt quite good in the outfit love the wedge heels and skinnies, makes my leggies feel long! with the trench and the fur collar, all in all quite a nice outfit i'd say...? blowing my own trumpet i know but hey! its my blog haha!!!

Today is my bestie (and housemate) Katie's birthday, we went out last night, had a few malibu and pineapples YUM! Thankfully I had no hangover but Katie has been suffering! I'm off out to work tonight boohoo, oh the joys of being a student! adios chicas, XOXO AVS

Thursday, 10 March 2011

long time no speak...

Why hello there strangers! Many apologies for the lack of loving to the blog lately, the internet in my house is broken- damn you 02 broadband!!!! I have been storing up some idea for posts for you girls though, so I'll try and write them all up tonight (I travelled home for my little sisters dance show last night- she was ace!) and schedule them for a few day times! I went out this week to Audio, and this is what myself and my friends wore :)

i'm rocking the hair extennys + h&m top + topshop shorts + primark sheer tights + new look wedges.
dani (middle) is wearing topshop dress + beth (right) is wearing river island dress, bag + boots! 

I've been on the hunt for some more work experience for this easter break, got some positive leads! I'm also visiting bonny scotland, seeing Chase + Status and going to a spa weekend in Bath, what are your plans for the hols? Us uni slackers students get a whole 4 weeks off at the end of march (yippeee!!!) so got lots of time to fill! 

Well I'm off to spend the day with my muma, before I get an early train back to the land of Southampton. Going to nip to Startbucks (might even steal one of their new logo-adorned mugs!), buy some home essentials + nibbles for the train! Tomorrow it's my girl KittyKats 20th Birthday, so we're off out tonight to see in her big day! I'm going to admit I still haven't got  her birthday present, leaving it late I know, but she's one fussy girly, so I'm waiting until I see theee perfect gift! (It might never happen eek!) 

Have a lovely day girlies. XOXO AVS

P.S if you've been missing my posts, I'm still tweeting (thanks to internet on my phone), so add meeeee  'AlanaVS'...kisses.