Thursday, 25 November 2010

"your love, your loving"

now playing: your love- Nicki Minaj

i'm currently crushing on the new girl on the block, 

one other thing im obssessed with is eyebrows, i know that sounds totally weird, but its the first thing i see when i look at a woman. they totally frame your face so why not take lots of care of them.... i get mine threaded once every three weeks. the time before last that i went my normal lady was ill- her cover lady RUINED my perfectly forming arched eyebrows... she completely straightened out my eyebrows i was devestated. i use eyebrow pencil to shape them... do you? 

my question is: do you use stencils or any other great tips for growing and shaping? 

me posing, fresh eyes brows and all. 

i'm not really an expert in beauty products and tips etc so any help would be perfecto.... i've scoured some of the beauty blogs i follow but nothing yet... if someone could do a post? haha. 

i'm off out tonight with the girlies, i'll take a picture of my outfit and post tomorrow have a lovely thursday night! 

xoxo avs

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

jumped on the bandwagon didn't i.

a few pics from the last few days, popped home to visit the fam. sorry that i've jumped on the bandwagon and am being a pretty shit blogger. but enjoy. 

train station choices. i obviously went for the bigger can. 
a nice hello from my kitty. 
mum was prepared for my homecoming. 
a DELICIOUS sunday roast with the fam.
my beautiful muma, she'd die if she knew her pic was on here, so shhh.
choc make made by my beautiful cousin. 
goodbye to my pussycat- looking pretty cosy.
back to student life- regular snacks.

xoxo avs

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

face-off week 7


Dancing on Ice X Factor judge Cheryl Cole was a bit confused about which show she was judging on saturday night, however she did look gorgeous in Falguni & Shane Peacock, all she needs now is the hunky, bare chested, skate-clad dance partner. Old man Cowell doesn't quite make the cut. 
Dannii wore a simple chic Gucci gown, oozing class and elegance from every pore something that Chezza lacks. 



I'm loving the draping on Cheryl's dress and the wrapping around the waist, but i'm not keen on upper chest area its kinda jodie marsh -esque. she does look good though, overall improvement from the night before. 
Danni wore a self designed dress from the Project D line which i'm very much liking. Love the way she nipped in the dress at the waist with the thin black belt. Spot on Ms Minogue, Spot on. 

week 7 verdict:
Dannii- 6
Cheryl- 1

Ooh la la, Cheryl has rather rapidly lost her crown as golden girl, with only a few more weeks to go can she pull through? 

xoxo avs


Saturday, 20 November 2010

"mum! help! my shoes stuck"

leather jacket- H&M, scarf + tee + jeans- Primark, Bag- Marc B, Uggs. 

on wednesday i came home (minus macbook).

 decided to get very drunk, broke 2 of my nice long nails & smashed my toe. i thought i had broken it, thankfully i haven't. i'm unable to wear real shoes so for the first time in 3 years i wore uggs. (they're my mums and authentic :P)  so this is a hideous photo of my hideous outfit. it was taken in the pub toilets this morn, me and my muma went for breakfast had a fry up. was delicious. 
i had a pretty great day, after that me and mum came home and watched the incredible tacky 'mamma mia' in her bed with a hot choc. #ThingsIMissAtUni

how was xfactor my loves? i didn't watch it thanks to my pledge from last week. i will be checking what the girls wore, don't you worry. 

happy saturday night. 

xoxo avs

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

face-off week 6

saturday night Chez looked lucious wearing a Roberto Cavalli gown, she seemed to have made a real effort this week, so good on her. her hair was quite blah for such a precious dress but then again if she had done it in a sleek updo i think it would have been too oscars. 

sunday night was a completely different hair story however. at first my feelings were "WHAT WERE YOU THINK CHERYL?! sack the hair stylist". everyone i know who watched the show hated her hair, princess leia/minnie mouse sprang to mind! but the more I see it I'm warming to it, the beautiful/attention grabbing gown was designed by Georges Chakra it reminds me of something Blake Lively would or already has worn.....? overall Cheryl improved largely this weekend in my opinion.

Dannii looked absolutely divine on saturday night channelling her inner goddess in a Carla Zampatti gown. there aren't many other words to use here other than 'perfection'. 

on sunday night she opted for something a little more formal(?) in Emilia Wickstead. I'm loving this look Dannii rocks something so casual, thanks to her hair, it reminds me of all the creative things she did with her hair last season. 

I'm a bit peeved off that they both wore their best dresses on saturday night. It's a very tough decision as both ladies looked absolutely lovely. Due to the fact that I adore Cheryl's gown from Sunday night (I'm warming to the hair), Dannii won saturday & Cheryl won Sunday, the new scores look like this...

week 6, both shows verdict:
dannii- 4
cheryl- 1 

I'm sorry for this being so late. I hope you're having a fabulous week, hey, it's nearly the weekend now! 

xoxo avs

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

hi ho hi ho

its off to work i go. uni work that is. sorry for the lack of posting over the weekend and today, i'm very very busy doing uni work for a deadline tomorrow and a debate (which i am pooping myself about) 


on thursday you'll be reading a post on little bits and bobs in my room at my uni house that make it homely and mine ya'know.... this post-it note is a little sneak peak, i have these little gems from a blog called 'things we forget' stuck on the wall above my desk, to remind me of the things that i take for granted each day or to give me a little kick start, this is one of my faves :)

tomorrow you'll get the x factor 'face off' so i'll see you then you beauts...? 

xoxo avs 

Saturday, 13 November 2010

happy weekend

this weekend i am completely broke. 
no going out drinking. no shopping. no money to even buy food. 
but, that doesn't mean no happiness...

oh no, my weekend is going to consist of my last two pop tarts, hot choc and mini marshmallows and aiden grimshaw.
yes, x factor is back for week 6. and oh boy i cant wait. 

have a good'un dolls. 

xoxo avs

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

www: 10/11/10

1.  Leopard Lace Bralet- £20
2. Pansy Print Blouse Tee- £33
3. Animal Print Zip Pocket Vest- £30
4. Horn Tapered Trousers- £40 
5. Petal Trim Neckline Swing Top- £28 

i'm dying to wear tapered trousers but due to large calves they all end up a tad tight on me, not a good look. but in a wildest wishful world i'd buy these trousers and these pretty tops. 

happy wednesday. wednesday equals Kaos. 
which equals 'I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH' with the girls. 

have fun. 

xoxo avs 

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

the family you choose...

when I first came to university I met tonnes of people, each one of us in the same situation, away from home, knowing no one else and desperate to make friends. I once heard that the friends you make at university will be your besties forever. 

Beth: dress- H&M, Bag-New Look, Ring- Primark; Debbie: Dress- Newlook; Katie: Dress- Topshop; Me: Dress- Topshop, Earrings- Accessorize. 

(l-r) Beth, Debbie, myself & Katie currently live in the same house in southampton. 
we weren't all close friends before we moved in (I only met Debbie the day we moved in), 
but these girls are like my family now. 

i've always been part of a 'group', the picture below is of (l-r) Alice, Jazzy, Sindy & I, in October '07.  
Sindy and I have been friends since we were 10. we know everything there is to know about eachother. even though I don't see her every day anymore since we went to different universities I know we will always be there for eachother. when we see eachother after a long period of time it's like we never apart. and the same goes for alice. I've known her since we were 13. we've all basically grown up together. 
'we are who we are because of eachother.' 

I know this is a really random post, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank each one of these girls for being there for me over the years and even today I know I could turn to anyone of them if I have a problem. Tell your girls today that you love them. Friends are the family you choose. 

xoxo avs

Monday, 8 November 2010


welcome to the 2nd edition of....... dun dun dunnnnnn 

in the 5th week of the X factor live finals we saw some gorgeous dresses- none of these on cheryl cole who seems to be continuing her run of horrid dresses. 

dannii minogue looked as stunning as ever on saturday night wearing a dress from the Phillip Armstrong Spring 2010 collection. the colour of this dress was magnificant, and matched perfectly by nude heels. dannii's hair looked gorgeous also. on sunday night dannii wore a Dolce & Gabbana dress that I feel like I've seen a trillion times, and also lacked a bit of imagination maybe? this aside, she does still look gorgeous. looking at the lengths of the two dresses, I think saturday nights dress flattered her curvaceous figure more. 

cheryl cole AKA the resident chav, wore a dress by Emilio Pucci (Fall 2010) on saturday night. in my opinion the dress would have been perfect for halloween had cheryl worn it last week instead. 
and what is that thing in her hair?! 
on sunday night I was even more disappointed with cheryl's Bodyamr Spring 2011 dress. 
yes cheryl has a banging body. but WHY does she insist on these dresses with hideous cut outs? 
very trashy. has anyone else noticed all these little bauble earrings chezza's been wearing?   

i've been hearing loads of rumours lately about the stylist(s) on xfactor, apprently dannii only gets £2,000 a dress and styles herself and cheryl gets £150,000 a week and has two stylists. well cheryl- shoot the stylists and pay dannii a few bob to style you aswell my dear. 

week 5, shows 1 & 2 verdict: 
dannii- 3
cheryl- 0 

opinions below ladies. 

xoxo avs 

[p.s. please do not be under any illusion that i dislike cheryl cole, i just think there is SO much potential for her and she's wasting it!!!!!] 
[images from]

cause baby you're a firework

now playing: Katy Perry- Firework

me: dress- Marks and Spencer! necklace- DIY; beth: dress- H&M

ok it was a fix- I purposely put on this song to write this post. 
how was your bonfire/firework weekend? 

friday night I went to a bonfire party and there were a few little fireworks, nothing too special. but saturday night was my housemate Beth's birthday. so we dressed up nice, drank wine and had sparklers! I'm not going to lie, sparklers freak me out (see the glove on my hand and the distance between my face and the sparklyness?!) 

what did you think of X factor this week? yawn. no one was exactly explosive or firework-like in my eyes. Matt did an amazing job as he does every week, Aiden was delicious as ever & Rebecca was as beautiful (voice & looks) as she always is. I'm just upset that TreyC went over Katie, Katie is so inconsistent and doesn't deserve to be in the competition anymore, in my opinion. but thank god she'd had her roots done. 

this week is once again going to be filled with university work, I have to take part in a debate in my 'PR & Contemporary issues' unit next week- eek! I'm against the motion which is: "Shareholders are more important than customers" My two case studies are Marks & Spencers and Primark. this should be interesting, I'm spending the day searching for news articles on ethical trading issues. yippee. 

have a lovely monday lovelies. 

xoxo avs 

Friday, 5 November 2010

love the way you lie

 #now playing: Eminem Featuring Rihanna

this week I kinda took a step back from social media (twitter/faceyb/blogging) and I actually focussed on some uni work for once. the illness last week set me back quite at bit, so got to get back on track! 
here's a glimpse of my outfit from yesterday :)

Gillet- River Island (£7 in last years SALE!), T-shirt- Pri, Necklace- Kinda DIY-ed (clock taken for bracelet and added to chain) Ring- LuvAJ (seen here!) [worn with black jeans & black brogues]

yesterday I traipsed around southampton all day, ate a nandos YUM (we had a full platter between three of us and I was stuffed- Medium chicken of course with peri chips!) 
when I got home I was feeling the nandos, so i decided to go for a jog, I ran 0.8 miles and then back again, so 1.6miles overall. apparently if you do a mile in 15 mins then this burns upto 590 calories- nice bit! anyone got any great fast fast songs they listen to when running? i made a playlist but it ended up being quite full of drum&bass, which is alright but i wanted a mix! 

tonight, my friend is having a party to celebrate her 21st birthday, so off we go to vodka revs for canapes and alcohol, I hope you have a fabulous night whatever you're doing! 

xoxo avs

Monday, 1 November 2010

magpie finds.

jacket- H&M, top- Primark, Necklace-See Below.

my weakness used to be handbags, however i've slowly noticed the hassle and time consuming effort of changing and swapping your purse (& keys & diary & make up bag & ipod & other loose items) from one bag to another every.single.time you wear a different colour (i'm a BIG colour co-ordination freak), since this realisation i've gone off buying hundreds of different cheap bags and now invest in staple bags.

jewellery is now 'my thing'. 
i have tonnes, i'm a human magpie for anything shiny and on sale. my favourite sales are the topshop 'freedom', and miss selfridge 'diva' collections, the pieces go down in price soooo much, some of my all time favourite jewellery cost like a quid from topshop. 
this little (or should i say chunky) necklace i've got on is from new look, i spotted it hanging off of their messy jewellery sale stand with a makeshift label stuck on. 
"Uno poundo." 
"I'll take it!" 

Have you got any magpie finds that you wear regularly/constantly or just cherish but were dirt cheap?
 i know Michelle has a necklace she got from Urban Outfitters for like 9p or something so utterly fabulously ridiculously... 

muchos love gals. 
xoxo avs 


every week when i watch x factor my favourite part isn't seeing each of the contestants sing their hearts out, it isn't even seeing the judges rip their performances to shreds. no, my favourite part is the moment where cheryl cole and dannii minogue walk through those doors and on to the stage. 

each week there is a battle going on as to who looks the best out of the two leading ladies. i've looked around for a feature for quite some time now where there's a sort of poll or something where you can vote who looked best...any one know of one? and no such luck, so until then i thought i'd do my own kind of thing. 

these images are from saturday nights show, where the theme was 'halloween'. 
cheryl cole wore a dress from the jonathon saunders spring 2011 collection, 
whilst dannii minogue wore a stunning dress from the marchesa fall 2010 collection. 

these two looks say two very different things to me, firstly i very much dislike cheryl's over all look here, i wouldn't ever wear this dress, and i'm sorry, as a girl who over the years has dyed her hair various shades of red, i think cheryl totally cheapens the hair colour. 
dannii on the other hand looks absolutely exquisite in my own opinion. i'm loving her updo, it totally compliments the dress by letting it do all the talking. (i'm just going to add in here that i think the angle of the photo is a bit out, because this image doesn't compliment dannii as much as it should.)  

week 4, show 1 verdict: 
dannii- 1
cheryl- 0  

opinions below ladies! 

xoxo avs